A Pastor’s Reflections was created in 2015 by Reverend W. Ross Blackburn, Rector of Christ the King, an Anglican Church in Boone, North Carolina, and longtime contributor to the Human Life Review. Now the feature, renamed Pastoral Reflections, will carry contributions from a variety of clerics and religious who, along with Rev. Blackburn, will meditate on abortion and other grave moral transgressions that not only hurt individuals but deform the culture and threaten religious liberty.

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Love Favors Life

  What is the meaning of love? Ask ten people and you will receive at least ten definitions. Ask a Biblical theologian or a Greek scholar, and you will get a dissertation on different kinds of love found in ancient texts. A high-school student...
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Notes on Advent

  Four Sundays on the Church’s liturgical calendar are dedicated to prayerful expectation of God’s coming among us as a newborn child. We are full of joy as we prepare to celebrate his birth, an event that forever changed our world for the...
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The Spiritual Law of Gravity

  Catholics call the month of November the “month of holy souls.” It is our annual commemoration of the dead. The month begins with All Saints’ Day, which is our celebration of the citizens of Heaven. On the day after, All Souls Day, we...
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Where Women Fear to Tread

  There is a quote going around the internet attributed to Margaret Atwood, which says, “Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” It is an easy enough assertion for the pro-life movement to...
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Bad Arguments

  Prolifers and pro-choicers occasionally attempt to fortify their arguments by invoking older moral disputes. Prolifers echo Vietnam-era anti-war protests when they call pro-choicers “baby killers.” Calling pro-choicers “eugenicists”...
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Against Sudden Death

  In the Great Litany one finds the following petition: “From lightning and tempest; from plague, pestilence, and famine; from battle and murder, and from sudden death, Good Lord deliver us.” Why is “sudden death” in this list? What is...
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