Hello friends!
As you know,  we decided to cancel this year’s Great Defender of Life dinner, which was scheduled for October. The Foundation’s Board and staff agreed that things in New York City were just too unstable and it would be an unjustified risk to proceed.
Nevertheless, we wanted to do something special.
The pandemic made crystal clear how many heroic defenders of life there are all around us. They are the ordinary citizens who have stepped up to make extraordinary sacrifices to protect others: nurses, doctors, those who work in nursing homes, EMTs, police officers, bus drivers, grocery clerks, postal workers, all those in service industries.
And what about the teachers, the parents thrust into homeschooling, and those suddenly caring for disabled loved ones with the sudden lack of outside support? What about those who run pregnancy centers, and food kitchens, people who volunteer to help others even in the face of the risks? These are everyday heroes. You know them, some of them are you, and we wanted to give you the chance to join us in a heartfelt salute.
We also have also lost friends and loved ones during this time, and their tributes are here too,  as a celebration of their good lives.
So we invited you to join us in honoring those who deserve our gratitude, and this is the final result. Our aim was to produce something beautiful in a time of discord and anxiety. We got a wonderful response, as you shall see!
We hope the result is a comfort to you. Click the image below; it’s fully navigable! And/or click  DOWNLOAD lower right to print, view, or download the journal to your computer or device.







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