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Welcome to Human Life Review’s new online feature, NEWSworthy, where you will find weekly, timely coverage of news touching on a range of life issues, how they fit within the pro-life movement, and what they mean for you and your community. On such high-stakes topics as these, too often the news reporting around us appears to partake in one extreme or another, whether shrill or agenda-driven. For those looking for fair and human coverage on the issues affecting many lives today, we hope this space provides news worthy of your read.

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Minnesota passes one of nation’s most permissive abortion laws

  Minnesota just passed one of the nation’s most permissive abortion laws when its Democratic governor signed the bill on Tuesday. In the state Senate, the Protect Reproductive Options Act passed along party lines on Saturday after 15 hours of debate, with Democrats...
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Hit and run violence after Roe: Can’t we talk about the morality of abortion?

  It’s not civically edifying or anything else when some jerk throws a Molotov cocktail at a “reproductive health facility”—leave aside the verbal evasion meant to conceal the identity of an abortion clinic. It is no more edifying when another apostle of free speech,...
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Abortion activist attempts to expose crisis pregnancy centers—and fails

Mayday, a pro-abortion nonprofit that pushes the abortion pill on women, sent an investigative reporter to “expose” crisis pregnancy centers of misleading pregnant women. Last month, they came forward with their findings in articles published in a number of outlets. Olivia...
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An Abortion Clinic in Your Neighborhood

(Editors’ note: The following is reprinted with permission from Ed Mechmann’s blog, Stepping out of the Boat.) How many people know that there can be an abortion clinic in virtually every neighborhood? When we usually think of abortion clinics, we think of Planned...
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“Benedict XVI, 95, Who Defended Doctrine, Dies.”                                                         — The New York Times, January 1, 202

  And so it goes: the gaze of society deflected, as usual, by the modern establishment’s failure—or refusal—to acknowledge what should be called and reckoned with as religious truth. As the Human Life Review’s Jim McFadden used to sigh, verbally, in signing off from yet...
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People oppose violence against crisis pregnancy centers, but most haven’t heard about it

  If you’re at all involved in the pro-life movement, you know that, lately, pregnancy resource centers have been under attack. From vandals, politicians, and even companies such as Yelp, these vital services for pregnant women have faced an onslaught of criticism and...
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Georgia Supreme Court reinstates heartbeat abortion ban

This month’s midterm elections were not great for pro-lifers, but there is some good news coming out of Georgia. After a lower court blocked the state’s six-week abortion ban, it was temporarily reinstated on Wednesday by the Georgia Supreme Court, immediately halting all...
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Voters in five states choose to support abortion

  The midterm elections last week were disappointing for prolifers. In five states with ballot measures on abortion, voters chose the pro-abortion side each time. But, as William Murchison wrote in this space, “it’s essential that pro-life folk, after so much earnest effort...
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After Roe, legal abortions in the United States dropped 6 Percent

  Abortion bans enacted after the fall of Roe really did reduce the number of abortions in the United States—despite what pro-abortion advocates said. According to a new report summarized by the New York Times, “In the first two months after the Supreme Court overturned Roe...
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