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The Odd Couple: Freedom and Liberty

“My chief hope for the future is that the common people have not parted company with their moral code.” —George Orwell While serving as Allied Commander during World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower, later the 34th President of the United States,...
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  WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN: THE CASE FOR THE BODY IN PUBLIC BIOETHICS O. Carter Snead (Harvard University Press, 2020. Hardcover, pp. 336. Also available on Kindle.) Reviewed by Maria McFadden Maffucci O. Carter Snead’s What It Means to Be...
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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Forty Years after Roe: Onward We March

   “No issue in U.S. history has produced such an impressive and sustained outpouring of citizens protesting a single evil (in both numbers and timespan, for instance, it dwarfs the media-favored anti-war demonstrations of yesteryear),” wrote...
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The Business of Family Planning

  The global contraceptives market was estimated to be $22 billion in 2016  and projected to rise to $37 billion by 2025.1 To promote contraceptive use, especially among youth, manufacturers and other familyplanning advocates commemorate...
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Abortion Looming in Ireland

When last I wrote for this publication, Ireland had been through a huge national and international controversy about the tragic death in an Irish hospital in late 2012 of a pregnant Indian woman, Savita Halappanavar. The world, and the Irish...
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President Obama and “Black Genocide”

Barack Obama has made history in two unprecedentedly dramatic ways: He is the first black American president, but, in a chillingly grim breakthrough, also the most pro-abortion president in our history. In his unbroken record of voting against...
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Pro-Woman Messaging: The Strategy to Win the Mushy Middle

For more than four decades, pro-lifers have been characterized as advocates for the unborn. Our messaging has been baby-focused, and understandably so: Preborn children are the fatalities of the greatest human rights atrocity in history. But in...
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In a Basin Clearly

Friday, 6:00 p.m., September 30th. Three deliveries and two hours of sleep in the past 36 hours.  I run to escape the weariness of a solo obstetric practice. Ascending out of town on a dirt road, the majesty of fall in Montana envelopes me....
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What I Saw at the Abortion: The doctor observed, the man saw.

I am a surgeon. Particularities of sick flesh is everyday news. Escaping blood, all the outpourings of disease—phlegm, pus, vomitus, even those occult meaty tumors that terrify—I see as blood, disease, phlegm, and so on. I touch them to destroy...
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Should We “Harvest” Fetal Tissue?

Last summer, a medical ethicist received an unusual phone call from a woman whose father suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. The woman presented the ethicist with a startling scenario. She had heard about a new experimental technique that...
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The Ethics of Fetal Implants

In September 1987, an operation took place at the La Raza Medical Center in Mexico City in which the tissue of a spontaneously-aborted fetus was transplanted into the brains of two patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The...
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Fatal Tissue: The Horror and the Lure

The history of the natural sciences has two themes, one, the formation of their foundations, and the other, an account of their effects on society. Everyone who follows the calling of a natural scientist experiences pleasure, when his work is...
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Why Roe/Casey Is Still Unsettled

In his first public criticism of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dred Scott v. Sanford in 1857, future U.S. Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln denied that the decision was “settled”: Judicial decisions have two uses—first, to absolutely determine...
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Talking to Non-Christian Prolifers

After Alexandra G. was raped at age 13, her mother opted not to take her to a doctor or a counselor, but to an abortion clinic. “She was a child of the ’60s, vehemently pro-choice,” said Alexandra of her mother. “She scheduled an abortion....
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From the Editor: On Hijacking Immigration Uproar

As I write this, the Human Life Review is seeing an unprecedented amount of public reaction to a single article in our last issue: Mario H. Lopez’s “Hijacking Immigration?” Several conservative and pro-life groups have reported on it favorably...
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