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The Not-Senescent Socialist-in-Waiting

  On Saturday November 7 the nation’s mainstream media, not known for its impartiality, took it upon itself to declare victory for the Biden-Harris ticket. (Or is it the Harris-Biden ticket?)  In New York City, home to countless young people, hoots and hollers resounded in...
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HOT TOPIC (National Catholic Register) Louisiana Voters Approve Amendment 1 to Exclude ‘Right to Abortion’ from State Constitution

www.ncregister.com/news/louisiana-voters-approve-amendment-1-to-exclude-right-to-abortion-from-state-constitution   State Senator Katrina Jackson, a pro-life Democrat, authored the amendment when she was a state representative, along with dozens of co-sponsors from both...
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HOT TOPIC: (National Review) Biden Cried Tears of Joy When Roe Was Upheld.

www.nationalreview.com/corner/biden-cried-tears-of-joy-when-roe-was-upheld/   Why the tears of joy? Souter’s was Casey’s fifth vote to keep Roe from being overturned. Per Kengor: “Biden wept tears of joy in the arms of Rudman, shouting triumphantly of Souter: ‘You were right...
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HOT TOPIC: (USA TODAY) Viable unborn children can live without their mothers — our Constitution protects them

Rehumanization needs to occur for unborn humans, if not for all then at least for those who no longer require their mother's bodies to sustain themselves. Surely, the same Constitution that afforded women the fundamental right to abort nonviable unborn children can guarantee life...
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Under communism, abortion on demand was permitted in Poland due to “difficult socio-economic conditions.” The revision of the law in 1993 allowed for abortion only in the case of serious threat to the life or health of the mother (attested to by two independent physicians), and...
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HOT TOPIC: Center for Medical Progress NEW VIDEO

NEW VIDEO: Planned Parenthood and Kamala Harris Colluded to Weaponize CA Video Recording Law Against Disfavored Speech
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HOT TOPIC: The Human Factor

While New York’s numbers have been stable for a while, the first weekend of October brought unsettling reports of a rising number of positive tests for coronavirus in certain New York City neighborhoods (and a couple of adjacent counties).
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HOT TOPIC: President Trump and His Executive Order

When the president announced his new Executive Order, I was called by the redoubtable Cathy Ruse, who was one of my own main allies on Capitol Hill thirty years ago when I was going door to door, trying to sell this bill.  Cathy sent me congratulations, for it looked like a...
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Thank you, Amy!

  Watching Amy Coney Barrett with her family in the Rose Garden while she was being nominated for the Supreme Court was a moving and inspiring experience for all working women—or should have been. A relatively young mother of seven children who is also a law professor,...
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