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We have rented the BowTie Theater (260 West 23 Street) in New York City on Wednesday, June 18, to screen the film at 7:00 pm.

Jennifer Lahl on Breeders: A Subclass of Women?

Jennifer Lahl on Breeders: A Subclass of Women? Jennifer Lahl, Director and Executive Producer of the new documentary film Breeders: A  Subclass of Women? about the experience of women and surrogacy, is president and founder of the Center for Bioethics and Culture in Pleasant...
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Obvious Child and Obvious Propaganda

This month a new abortion comedy titled Obvious Child opens in theaters. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it, abortion comedy? Okay, how about a comedy with a story about abortion? That may be even more accurate, because for this film, written and directed by Gillian...
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Message to Governor Bobby Jindal: Women are Mothers not Breeders

Message to Governor Bobby Jindal: Women are Mothers not Breeders On April 1 the Louisiana House passed H.B. 187, a gestational surrogacy bill that would provide a legal framework for women to enter into a contract in order to carry, deliver, and surrender a child at birth to an...
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National Organization for Women Defeated

National Organization for Women Defeated: Final Victory for Joe Scheidler in Federal Court The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Issued What Should be the Last Ruling for Pro-Life Action League’s Historic Three Decade Case Contact: Tom Ciesielka...
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Attention Students! Free Subscriptions!

Did you know that you can now get the Human Life Review for free? Just send us your name and a valid .edu e-mail address here:  That’s it! No obligation, no other information required. We want to get the Review into the hands of as many interested students as possible; and...
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Primer on Roe v. Wade

Current and Critical: a primer on Roe v. Wade, by Paul Benjamin Linton.  DOWNLOAD PDF HERE: Paul Benjamin Linton is an attorney in private practice who specializes in state and federal constitutional law. The author of many law review articles, he has also published the first...
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Rejoinder to Peter Steinfels

  Dear Peter, I hope that you will not take it amiss if I write this in a more informal style than we’ve been using, but my feeling is that now may be a good time to engage in direct dialogue. Wasn’t it something like that which you first proposed to Anne Conlon after reading my...
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Grand Bargaining No, Rethinking Yes

“Grand Bargain,” No. Serious Rethinking, Yes

“Grand Bargain,” No. Serious Rethinking, Yes Many weeks ago, I all but completed a reply to the critique that George McKenna published in the Human Life Review of “Beyond the Stalemate,” my June 21 Commonweal article, on the current state and future prospects of Catholic...
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A Bad Bargain: A Postscript

A Bad Bargain: A Postcript           At about the middle of September I wrote a piece on this site critical of an article in Commonweal magazine by Peter Steinfels, a writer and former editor of the magazine...
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