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NEWSworthy: Madeline Fry Schultz

Planned Parenthood employee admits that abortion bans don’t prevent ectopic pregnancy care

BLOG: Dr. Donald DeMarco

Piety and Laughter—J.P. McFadden


Reflection on St. Francis of Assisi

Insisting on Life

Mother Teresa and Her Living Legacy Shine in New Film

SUMMER 2022:

The issue that saw the overturn of Roe

NEWSworthy: Edward Mechmann

What to Make of Mark Houck’s Arrest

BLOG: Diane Moriarty

Bottle Babies


Little Girls in Older Bodies

NEWSworthy: Madeline Fry Schultz

Judge Blocks Indiana's Abortion Ban


In Praise of Dishonesty

NEWSworthy: Madeline Fry Schultz

Congressional Republicans introduce 15-week abortion ban

BLOG: Peter Pavia



The Child is Real

NEWSworthy: Madeline Fry Schultz

VA to offer abortion access even in states where it’s illegal

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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What New York’s “Limited Service Pregnancy Center” Bill Really Represents

New York lawmakers always find new ways to promote abortion. As the legislative session mercifully approached its end, they passed a package of bills designed to enhance New York’s already-secure status as the Abortion Capital of America. Most of the bills are purely...
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Covid-19 Vaccines and Miscarriage Misinformation 

There’s an article gaining traction on certain corners of the internet claiming that a confidential Pfizer document revealed that 82 percent of vaccinated pregnant women suffered miscarriage due to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. These claims should draw alarm if they were true. But...
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Making Someone Else’s Bed

  On a pack of cigarettes, we see WARNING: Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy. Some pill bottles read WARNING: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while taking this product as it may cause drowsiness. Abortion has packaging...
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Notes on Abortion, Miscarriage, and Patriarchy

  The pro-choice rants of sanctimonious goddesses mock us with fantasies about an overarching conspiracy that does not exist. “The real agenda of those teaching abstinence-only education,” they scream, “is to stop free sex!” Who is responsible for this failed curriculu...
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Pastoral Reflections

God Has All of Us in Mind

  I have recently returned from a seven-week pilgrimage, walking the traditional Camino Francés across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. I was part of a host of pilgrims that this year will number several hundreds of thousands. As we peregrinos passed through villages and...
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Thinking about Abortion and Democracy

  For nearly 50 years, the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision has deprived American citizens of their rightful voice and vote on life and abortion. Certainly, citizens have voted for United States representatives, senators, and presidents who acted on secondary matters...
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Insisting on Life

Epiphany 2022

I don’t like it when the Church moves feast days. Today, January 6, is the feast of the Epiphany—even though the Church celebrated it last Sunday. January 6 is special in my family of origin because it’s the birthday of my parents’ first born, Robert—who died, 27 years ago, at...
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Death by Mail: Chemical Abortions Require a New Pro-Life Approach

  In light of the very sad news that the FDA has permanently lifted restrictions on “abortion pills by mail,”  I am sharing again a blog first published on our site in January, 2019.  Joe Bissonnette’s blog rightly focuses on the developing baby. But this...
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