19th Annual Great Defender of Life Dinner

    Anne Manice: Thank you [Jim McLaughlin] for your kind introduction. Thank you, Maria. I remember when you were thinking of taking on the Human Life Review after your father’s death, I said, please continue it because you’re our intellectual sustenance. We’re in the...
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  OCTOBER 7, 2021 HONORING MARGARET COLIN AND MARVIN OLASKY __________________________________________________ Marvin Olasky: Thank you, David. I will treasure being called a Great Defender of Life, even though the great is an exaggeration. Back in 1990 I profiled two great...
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Timothy Dolan at Human Life Foundation's Great defender of Life Dinner

Catholic New York Applauds Carl A. Anderson–and the Human Life Review

The Human Life Review‘s  2016 Great Defender of Life Dinner got some excellent press this week! Supreme Knight’s Pitch for Putting Our Values Into Politics
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