Patrick J. Flood is a retired US Foreign Service Officer with extensive diplomatic and policymaking experience in human rights and international organizations. He has also published essays and research articles on domestic and international aspects of the right to life.

Building a More Human-Oriented Civilization

By restoring legal respect for human life—the foundation of justice itself—we can move steadily toward fuller realization of the positive possibilities of our nature, including the formation of a more authentically human civilization. But we must begin by protecting the lives of...
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After Roe and Doe Are Gone

  When the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the American people will once again have the right to enact substantive legal protection for unborn children. In anticipation, many states have already adopted protective laws, although federal judges have blocked...
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Re-civilizing Western Civilization

We are accustomed to hearing apocalyptic warnings about how the earth is facing mass destruction from epidemics, climate change, economic collapse, and other calamities that will make human life no longer possible. Whatever credibility these dark forecasts may have, as of yet...
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