A Pastor’s Reflections was created in 2015 by Reverend W. Ross Blackburn, Rector of Christ the King, an Anglican Church in Boone, North Carolina, and longtime contributor to the Human Life Review. Now the feature, renamed Pastoral Reflections, will carry contributions from a variety of clerics and religious who, along with Rev. Blackburn, will meditate on abortion and other grave moral transgressions that not only hurt individuals but deform the culture and threaten religious liberty.

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Live Not by Lies

    My son and I are reading through a biography of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, the Russian writer and dissident who exposed to the world the brutal and then hidden underbelly of Soviet brutality, and who pleaded with the world—East and...
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The End

  The season of Advent begins this coming Sunday, and one of the readings for the season, from Matthew 24:37-4, tells of the end of time, in which Two men will be out in the field; one will be taken, and one will be left. Two women will be...
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Momentary Friends

    I had spent the night in an airport on a ten-hour layover, not quite as awful as it sounds but no rival for the much-anticipated comfort of my own home. Bleary-eyed as we took off at 7 AM—no one on the flight was what my father...
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Keep Praying

    The Church of the Holy Family, where I serve as pastor, is in midtown Manhattan, across the street from the United Nations campus. The church is open Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM. Day in and day out, I am impressed to see the...
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A Pro-life Word to Save the Clergy

      The Sisters of Life are no strangers to readers of the Human Life Review. But they pretty much were to me before my Bishop invited one of them, Sr. Virginia Joy, to speak to the clergy and lay ministers of the Catholic Diocese of...
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      I’m thinking of saints, this being the season of All Saints—and Halloween—not perhaps an obvious connection. Halloween is one of the most lucrative holidays in the U.S., whereas many remain oblivious to All Saints’ Day,...
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