BLOG: John Grondelski

A Prophetic Editorial: Fifty Years since “A New Ethic for Medicine and Society”

BLOG: B G Carter

Perpetuating Castes through Special Hate Crimes Penalties


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BLOG: Tara Jernigan

Walking Away

A Pastor's Reflections

A Prayer for the Vulnerable

BLOG: Patrick J. Flood

Building a More Human-Oriented Civilization

HOT TOPIC: China's Uighur Atrocities

BLOG: John Grondelski

Two Rights and Double Standards

BLOG: Jason Morgan

Structures of Spin

BLOG: Peter Pavia

The Thomases and the Truth

HOT TOPIC: (National Review)

D.C. Police Arrest Pro-Life Activists for Writing on Public Sidewalk

A Pastor's Reflections

The Trick of Life


Maria McFadden Maffucci on the Chris Salcedo Show

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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Intimations of Mortality

When I was growing up, my mom would say our bodies were made up of about 85 cents worth of flesh, bone and fluid, though I’m sure the price tag has increased with inflation. Her point was that the human body is worth more than its material components. On its own, an individual...
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Names and the Nameless

As the novel coronavirus spread across the globe this past spring, a debate in the United States emerged regarding its name: Was it racist to call a virus that originated in Wuhan, China, Chinese? Was it acceptable even to mention the city or country of origin? But the name of...
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A Pastor's Reflections

We Need Men

  Boys say when.  Girls say why. Boys get mad.  Girls they cry. I quote the chorus of an old song by The Producers, a band I listened to in high school. Although too young to understand what the words meant, I did wonder about them. Now,...
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dependent hands

What We Need

Last month, Utah Senator Mike Lee gave a bold and, for many, wildly counterintuitive speech about the Green New Deal in which he concluded that The solution to climate change is not this unserious resolution, but the serious business of human...
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HOT TOPIC: Matilda’s Law, Cuomo Fail to Protect NY’s Most Vulnerable (Newsmax)

As has become more and disturbingly clear, while Cuomo eloquently talks the talk, his actions have left unprotected thousands of other people’s vulnerable mothers and fathers—along with their devoted caregivers.
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HOT TOPIC: The Meaning of Dachau

  This year marks the 75th anniversary of the American liberation of Dachau. On Sunday, April 29, 1945, the U.S. Seventh Army’s 45th Infantry Division freed the concentration camp located on the outskirts of Munich. American soldiers had already encountered Nazi bestiality...
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