Insisting on Life: Pope Benedict XVI

"God already sees the entire future of that embryo"

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A Joyful Pilgrimage

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Maria McFadden Maffucci interviewed by America Magazine

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Let's March with Renewed Life

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Abortion activist attempts to expose crisis pregnancy centers—and fails

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Broken Resolutions

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Be Careful What You Wish For

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An Abortion Clinic in Your Neighborhood


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“Benedict XVI, 95, Who Defended Doctrine, Dies.” — The New York Times, January 1, 202

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A Gentle Warrior


Giving Till it Hurts

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Closing Time 2022

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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What to Make of Mark Houck’s Arrest

Many years ago, when I was a federal prosecutor, I understood that one of the worst things that can happen to a person is to come to the attention of a federal prosecutor. Mark Houck, a pro-life leader and founder of the Catholic men’s ministry The King’s Men, is now...
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Judge blocks Indiana’s abortion ban

A judge in Indiana blocked the state’s abortion ban on Thursday, creating a setback for the state’s pro-life movement. The Hoosier State’s legislature voted in early August to tighten abortion restrictions following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. The new law...
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Pep Rally Politics

  My country right or wrong has become my party right or wrong. There are pitfalls in its original version—such as extreme nationalism—but during war it has merit: To mobilize a population towards a common goal against a hostile invader. It can be toxic, however, in a...
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“Incel” Insults?

  Even if you’re not a Jordan Peterson fan, you’re probably aware that he recently set the term “incel” trending when he shed a tear for young men who identify as “involuntary celibates.” In a discussion with podcast host Piers Morgan, Peterson was asked to respond to...
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Pastoral Reflections

Against Sudden Death

  In the Great Litany one finds the following petition: “From lightning and tempest; from plague, pestilence, and famine; from battle and murder, and from sudden death, Good Lord deliver us.” Why is “sudden death” in this list? What is wrong with sudden death? Most people...
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Reclaiming Motherhood

    Motherhood is denigrated in our culture, sometimes even within the church. This stifles our witness on behalf of the unborn and the women who are their mothers. Something similar could be said of the denigration and abdication of fatherhood. But that is for another...
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Insisting on Life

We Must Never Forget Terri Schiavo

Today is the  17th anniversary of the murder of Terri Schiavo. Terri endured a 14-day, agonizing death when the court ordered that her feeding tube be removed, and forbid any hydration. Terri was not terminally ill–or even critically–ill; she was disabled due to a...
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Gloria Purvis: Faithful and Fearless by William Doino

Just out in our new issue, William Doino Jr’s engaging portrait of Gloria Purvis, who, he writes, is: one of the best-known lay Catholic evangelists in America. Although she never set out to become one, her resounding affirmation of Catholic teaching, especially its defense of...
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Archive Spotlight

Pro-Woman Messaging: The Strategy to Win the Mushy Middle

For more than four decades, pro-lifers have been characterized as advocates for the...
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