Sound Doctrine Revisited

So will it ultimately be with our crusade as more and more Americans come to understand the realities of abortion; as more and more of them are forced to acknowledge what they already intuitively know: that such antiseptic phrases as "terminate a pregnancy" and "freedom of...
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Life Is Expensive

I’m in no position to judge. My mother collapsed from a cerebral hemorrhage and died five days later, my father had a massive heart attack and was dead before he hit the garage floor. No drawn-out illnesses, no long-term care, and no nursing home expenses. Albany politicians may...
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The Odd Couple and Abortion Culture (from the website)

Oscar, which means “spear of God,” was a slob, but he had an eye for wonder, a talent for friendship, and an openness to adventure. Felix, which means “happiness,” could never achieve the joy and peace he yearned for because it cannot be achieved as a willed end; it can only be...
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After January 5th (From the Website)

But the world is no darker now than it was in Jesus’ time. In fact, the cardinal text of Epiphany—the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus—records how these kings had to deceive Herod, who in his effort to kill Jesus and protect his own throne, would mandate the killing of all...
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Epiphany 2021 (from the website)

It is never correct to say that God is on our side. It is in fact quite presumptuous. He is not here to do our bidding, after all. All we can actually hope for is that through our own choices we will put ourselves on God’s side of things. Of course, where we mess up is that we...
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The End of Men?

1. Every man, deep down and amid his flaws, wants to be a good father, to make a positive and lasting contribution to the lives of his wife and children, even if he has to struggle all his life to do so. 2. Once a man becomes a father, once he plays his part in the creation of...
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In his important book, O. Carter Snead asks us to advocate with renewed conviction: As embodied humans, we have crucial human rights as well as inescapable vulnerabilities—and a duty to care for others. Our law and policies must prioritize the right to life and the duty of care...
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Money goes further overseas, which is why making babies, like making teeshirts, is often offshored. Elena points out the attractiveness of surrogacy in neighboring Moldova: Moldovan women “are poor but healthy, they only eat good food which they produce themselves.
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On-screen Characters/Off-screen Life

I once belonged to a book club that tackled Sigrid Undset’s mammoth historical novel Kristin Lavransdatter. This long work (a trilogy, actually) traces the title character’s life in medieval Norway, depicting the harm she (and later her well-meaning but impulsive and...
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Reclaiming Feminism’s Christian Roots

I suppose I first became a feminist as a rebellious young woman at an Irish Catholic convent school—this would be back in the 1950s, just edging into the early 1960s. This was a period in Irish life which was traditional and conservative. Since the foundation of the Irish state...
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