Sound Doctrine Revisited

So will it ultimately be with our crusade as more and more Americans come to understand the realities of abortion; as more and more of them are forced to acknowledge what they already intuitively know: that such antiseptic phrases as "terminate a pregnancy" and "freedom of...
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The End of Men?

1. Every man, deep down and amid his flaws, wants to be a good father, to make a positive and lasting contribution to the lives of his wife and children, even if he has to struggle all his life to do so. 2. Once a man becomes a father, once he plays his part in the creation of...
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Stealth Threats from the Administrative State

In recent years, there has been a well-documented increase in the number and intensity of conflicts on hot-button issues like abortion, gay rights, and gender identity, and in how seriously they impact religious liberty. “Progressive” advocates on those issues have made it clear...
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How to Assess the 2020 Election

I’m just coming off a long Andrew Sullivan blog post, and I beg my gentle readers not to think less of me for poking into the thought processes of a writer who is not, by general definition—or for that matter his own—the hottest new pledge bro for Knights of Columbus. I don’t...
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woman in hispital with doctor by bedside

On Physical and Moral Plagues

We know now that the fetus is not a thing: not a boil, not a tumor, not “the fertilized entrails of a woman,” as one imaginative abortion supporter put it, but a tiny human being in a journey of development that will continue into adulthood—if permitted.
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Our Freedom, Their Life: What We Owe the Unborn and the Infirm Elderly

  “My body, my choice,” reads the sign. A cardboard rectangle, taller than it is wide, it looks handmade. At its base, the line “Trump 2020” stands in counterpoint, red and blue letters against a white background. You stop short, but maybe not. You’ve seen the rhetorical...
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Timothy Dolan at Human Life Foundation's Great defender of Life Dinner

APPENDIX: Why We Catholics Are So “Hung Up” on Abortion

“Why are you Catholics so hung up about abortion?” this rather well-known political leader asked me. “Well, let me tell you,” I happily replied.
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The Odd Couple and Abortion Culture

All life is mortal. It is both terrible and beautiful. It can be puzzling, perplexing, even enigmatic. But apprehending this fruitful ambiguity requires an openness to the possibility of Truth and the courage to follow no matter where it leads.
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