A Father’s Reflection

  When my two sons were learning their catechism, I would joke that the most important of the Ten Commandments was the fourth: Honor thy father and thy mother. Some 20 years later, as I enter the Medicare phase of life, I recite for them (more seriously) the sage words of...
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Restoring Fathers’ Rights in the Post-Dobbs World

    June 19 is Father’s Day. It will be the first Father’s Day in nearly fifty years when states have not been constrained by Roe v. Wade (and its progeny) from protecting fathers’ rights. Few remember that the 1973 Roe decision legalizing abortion represented such a...
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Photo 60885104 / Men © Altanaka | Dreamstime.com

The End of Men?

1. Every man, deep down and amid his flaws, wants to be a good father, to make a positive and lasting contribution to the lives of his wife and children, even if he has to struggle all his life to do so. 2. Once a man becomes a father, once he plays his part in the creation of...
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