Christopher Bell is the Executive Director and co-founder (along with the late Father Benedict Groeschel) of Good Counsel Homes, a non-profit organization based in Hoboken, New Jersey, that creates supportive residential and community-based services for homeless pregnant women, including those who struggle with addiction or mental health issues. Good Counsel currently has six homes, four in New York, one in New Jersey and in one in Alabama, as well as a national 24/7 helpline (800-723-8331). For more information, go to

HOT TOPIC: Pregnancy Centers are Working Overtime to Save Babies From Abortion During the Coronavirus (LifeNews)

Abortion mills are open in some states, but life-saving maternity homes, like Good Counsel are open too.  Pro-lifers need to spread the word online and off that around the U.S.A. maternity homes are open because pregnant women in need have to know, always, that there is real hope...
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SYMPOSIUM: Could Abortion Ever Be “Unthinkable” Again?

INTRODUCTION Needless to say, we are at an intense moment in the history of the pro-life movement. Although there is fervent new reaction and commentary every day in the press, we think it is also a moment to take a deep breath and reflect on some fundamental questions:  Why is...
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A Poem for Advent

  Advent of My Little Child Christ My Lord Oh My Father what was Your Thought To Send Your Son for me to hold To offer him a tiny babe In the weakest of arms, my own? Whene’er I touch such a babe As You send Who has no speech no word no ken Taken aback I stand in momentous...
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