—William Murchison is a syndicated columnist and senior editor of the Human Life Review.


      You can tell we’re getting restless — twitching and twisting and otherwise maneuvering ourselves into the familiar postures that characterized life, say, last January.  We’re homesick: sick of being at home and making allowances for spouses, children, boarders, ...
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        I am finding people, in their common befuddlement, being just people; carrying on friendly conversations with strangers in the check-out line — while observing a prim and proper 6-foot distance;  entering or re-entering relationships based on the common peril (or...
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SYMPOSIUM: Could Abortion Ever Be “Unthinkable” Again?

INTRODUCTION Needless to say, we are at an intense moment in the history of the pro-life movement. Although there is fervent new reaction and commentary every day in the press, we think it is also a moment to take a deep breath and reflect on some fundamental questions:  Why is...
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Respect for Abortion Victims in Texas

Great is the fury of the pro-choice community. And wouldn’t you be riled, too, if the State of Texas (or any other governmental entity, for that matter) had undertaken to train an unflattering spotlight on your philosophical premises? That’s what Texas’ new requirement for...
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Sorry, Mrs. Clinton

  Yeah, of course I’d visit with Annemarie. I didn’t know her, but I knew her parents. We’ve long been members of the same Episcopal parish. She was interested in journalism as a career. She hoped to ask me some questions (as if an old warhorse from the...
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As in Britain, So Over Here

The president of the “Texas Nationalist Movement,” picking up on the precedent set by British voters, desires that the Southwestern empire where I make my home hold its own vote on seceding from the top-heavy politburo that seems to run America. Good luck on persuading the U.S....
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2015: A Watershed Year for the Pro-life Movement

INTRODUCTION “…it’s hard to imagine our ever getting to a culture of life without underscoring the sheer miracle wrapped up in a baby.”— William McGurn As we prepared to mark January 22, 2016, the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we decided to ask pro-life leaders and thinkers to...
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Human Life Review


Abortion activists and supporters—which is to say, most of the Democratic Party and the entirety of the liberal intelligentsia—like to frame abortion as a liberty issue. You know—choice; as with music and toothpaste. The Planned Parenthood imbroglio of recent weeks helps dispel...
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[Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared on townhall.com on March 25, 2014. reprinted here with permission.] What a joy to find the New York Times editorial page staff on duty whenever a tough moral question arises, such as, “Can the U. S. government require business...
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Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis v. Greg Abbott

      Superceleb Wendy Davis—headed down the path to becoming Wendy Who?—won, as expected, the Texas Democratic primary for governor. She plans to base her campaign against Republican Greg Abbott on education, the economy, and jobs. As if Abbott were likely to let her off the...
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