After a 15-year hiatus to raise children, Laura Echevarria returned to her role as communications director and press secretary for National Right to Life in June 2019.

The Women’s Health Protection Act: Democrats Attempt to Legislate Roe and Doe

On Friday, September 24, I watched the U.S. House of Representatives debate—and pass—the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA). Put forward by pro-abortion Democrats in the House as a means of enshrining Roe v. Wade in federal law, the legislation should be renamed the...
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Targeting Down’s Today, Autism Tomorrow

As I went through the paperwork, I was aware of a familiar hollow feeling in my chest. It was the one I had when my older son was diagnosed with autism. This past March, while the world was still in COVID-crisis mode, my husband and I were in a crisis of our own. We had applied...
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Can the GOP Save the Hyde Amendment?

I spent part of the past weekend reviewing articles written by reporters who attended the National Right to Life convention last week. I did so not only because it is my job as the organization’s communications director, but also because I am genuinely curious to know how the...
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