Stealth Eugenic Euthanasia of Disabled Infants

  In political science, there is a concept known as the “Overton Window.” Named after the professor who first suggested it, the idea is that the public discussion or advocacy of policies must take place within a range of opinions that are generally accepted by society as...
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New Bills to Legalize Infanticide

Just when you think pro-abortion advocates can’t get any more barbaric and inhumane, they prove you wrong. Two appalling bills introduced in state legislatures are the latest example. They want to legalize infanticide. The bills are from California and Maryland, two of the most...
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Mercy Killing Five-Year-Olds

  She tried the “Where do you draw the line?” argument. A young Facebook friend reported that she’d just got home from a college class that had taken up abortion. Most students treated it as self-evidently good. If aborting an unborn child is all right, she asked them, what...
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