DSC_2711is the Editor in Chief of the Human Life Review

2013 DINNER WELCOME to: a Sell-Out Crowd

(Maria McFadden Maffucci delivered this speech at the Human Life Foundation’s Great Defender of Life Dinner on Sept. 26, 2013,  at which Eric and Susanne Metaxas were honored.) Welcome to all our friends—I see many beloved faces here, and many new ones as well; I am so...
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Why are Special-Needs Parents Fair Game?

Imagine this scenario: an acquaintance comes up to you at a function, and you exchange the usual pleasantries—how ‘s the job, the kids, etc. And then he or she says: So, how old is “your spouse,”—“50” or so?  How’s his health? Think he’ll get cancer or have high blood...
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Stand Up for Religious Liberty Rally June 8th 2012

I am the president of the Human Life Foundation, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization in Manhattan, dedicated to the defense of human life, founded in 1974 in response to the Roe. v. Wade decision. Our quarterly journal, the Human Life Review, seeks to change hearts and...
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