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Live Not By Lies

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State Constitutions and Abortion Rights

    When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, they returned the battle over abortion rights to the states. Since then, there has been a lot of activity in state legislatures either to expand or restrict abortion. Some state laws that pre-dated Roe, or which were...
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Minnesota passes one of nation’s most permissive abortion laws

  Minnesota just passed one of the nation’s most permissive abortion laws when its Democratic governor signed the bill on Tuesday. In the state Senate, the Protect Reproductive Options Act passed along party lines on Saturday after 15 hours of debate, with Democrats...
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Analog Like Me

  By the fourth week of January, resolutions made for the New Year are likely to have lost any momentum they might briefly have claimed. Resolutions usually take the nature of goals, and goals are fantasies, which isn’t to dismiss them—daydreams serve a purpose. But I prefer...
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Let’s March with Renewed Life

    This is not the time to stop marching. Though Roe has been overturned, abortion on demand is still the law in many states, and in recent votes even so-called pro-life states have expressed surprising support for pro-abortion legislation and some confusion over bills...
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Pastoral Reflections

Our Fellow Pilgrim

    The death of Pope Benedict XVI on December 31, 2022, brought an end to the earthly pilgrimage of this great servant of the servants of God. Joseph Ratzinger’s sacred journey to eternal life began at the baptismal font of his parish church in Marktl, Bavaria, on...
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Giving Till It Hurts

    One day, a priest of my acquaintance heard the voice of a young woman through the screen of his confessional: “Father, tomorrow I will have an abortion. I know that it is wrong. Can you forgive me in advance?” The priest was stunned. “Dear child,” he said, “wh...
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Insisting on Life

Bravo Brits! –Some Good News

A news story you might have missed:  Prolifers in Britain and Wales scored a big win in early July as they thwarted an attempt by Member of Parliament Diana Johnson to add an amendment—which would legalize abortion up to birth—to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. As...
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Giving Life!

My neighbor across the hall is a friendly, happy-go-lucky single mom with 2 charming sons–one grown, who is beyond nice, and her little 3-year-old, as smart as a whip and officially our most adorable neighbor ever. She is a pretty lady who looks less than half her 5...
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