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Nothing in the World but a Cell


Paul T. Stallsworth: Protecting the Weak from the Strong


"Abortion Care"

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Calligrapher of Life


Thomas Brejcha and George McKenna October 12, 2023

NEWSworthy: Madeline Fry Schultz

North Carolina and Nebraska Pass 12-week Abortion Bans

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In Praise of Things Breaking Down

Pastoral Reflections: Fr. Gerald F. Murray

Thy Will Be Done


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It's Abortion, Stupid!


Mary's Month

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North Carolina and Nebraska Pass 12-week Abortion Bans

  Despite a recent setback that tanked an effort at a 6-week abortion ban in Nebraska, the state on Monday managed to pass a 12-week abortion ban amid a bill that limits sex-change surgery for those 18 and under. The abortion restriction goes into effect immediately. Before...
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Republicans kill pro-life bills in South Carolina and Nebraska

  While pro-lifers are working hard to push anti-abortion legislation in the states, some of the very politicians who have pledged to support them are sabotaging their efforts. In South Carolina and Nebraska this week, pro-life bills failed in the state legislature due to...
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Nothing in the World but a Cell

  If Pope Celestine V is familiar at all to us today, it’s because his name came up in 2013 during the resignation of Benedict XVI. As one of only a handful of popes who had previously abdicated, the erstwhile Peter of Morrone was perhaps the most hapless selection to the...
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Calligrapher of Life

  A few weeks ago, I attended the world premier of “Tomo ni Ikiru: Shoka Kanazawa Shoko,” a documentary about the life and work of Kanazawa Shoko, the world’s greatest living calligrapher. The title means “Living Side by Side.” During opening remarks, the film’s director...
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Pastoral Reflections

Protecting the Weak from the Strong

    In the natural world stronger animals defeat and often eat weaker ones. In oceans and rivers, on mountains and hills, across deserts and plains, throughout the air and sky—this deadly story plays out again and again with different actors. The dead rabbit on the suburban...
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 “Abortion Care”

    Here is a short and simple exercise that could be done by anyone at just about any time: Take something written in support of abortion and strip it of euphemism. For example, here is the opening paragraph of an op-ed on by abortionist Amna Dermish: I am an...
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Insisting on Life

Archbishop Paglia: Channeling Mario Cuomo?

    Personally I would not practice assisted suicide, but I understand that legal mediation can constitute the greatest common good that is concretely possible in the conditions in which we find ourselves. Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia No small number of Church officials...
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In Memoriam: Damian Jon Geminder 1989-2023

  This edition of Insisting on Life pays tribute to a young man who was always doing exactly that.  _________________________________________________________ Damian Jon Geminder died on April 20, after suffering a massive heart attack on March 1. He was 33 years old. The...
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Archive Spotlight

Abortion Looming in Ireland

When last I wrote for this publication, Ireland had been through a huge national and...
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Pro-Woman Messaging: The Strategy to Win the Mushy Middle

For more than four decades, pro-lifers have been characterized as advocates for the...
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The Slide to Auschwitz

  In July the City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts, voted to petition...
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Fatal Tissue: The Horror and the Lure

The history of the natural sciences has two themes, one, the formation of their...
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