Diane Moriarty is a free-lance writer living in Manhattan.

Heart Beats and Hoof Beats

One aspect to pro-choice thinking is that it’s not automatically about actual aborting but simply about the concept of choice, and, intellectually, that’s hard to argue with. Indeed, my own feeling is this: Do I want the practice of abortion to cease? Absolutely yes. Do I want...
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Biology Bullies and the Destiny Blues

The “Shout Your Abortion” online media campaign, dedicated to “putting an end to shame” regarding abortion, is the latest expression of the belief that people not only have the right to have one but they also have the “right” to not feel bad about it. Notice I said “people,” not...
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HOT TOPIC: Diane Moriarty on All Our Children, playing now at the Sheen Center!

All Our Children, written by Stephen Unwin and presented by the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture (now until May 12), is a play about the exterminating of disabled children and young adults in Nazi Germany. They weren’t packed into cattle cars, taken to concentration camps...
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