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Welcome to Human Life Review’s new online feature, NEWSworthy, where you will find weekly, timely coverage of news touching on a range of life issues, how they fit within the pro-life movement, and what they mean for you and your community. On such high-stakes topics as these, too often the news reporting around us appears to partake in one extreme or another, whether shrill or agenda-driven. For those looking for fair and human coverage on the issues affecting many lives today, we hope this space provides news worthy of your read.

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NEWSworthy: Alabama IVF Ruling Acknowledges ‘Humanity of Unborn Children’

  The Alabama Supreme Court has issued a landmark ruling in defense of innocent life that could have a sweeping impact on in-vitro fertilization across the United States. “Unborn children are ‘children’ … without exception based on developmental stage, physical...
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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Constitutional Chicanery

    A version of the following  was originally posted February 8, 2024, from the blog of Edward Mechmann “Stepping Out of the Boat.” It is reprinted with permission. In the post-Dobbs legal environment, the battle over the fate of legal protections for unborn children...
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NEWSworthy: Pro-life Father Targeted by Justice Department Says He’s More Energized than Ever

    A pro-life father of 11 said the Department of Justice’s prosecution of him and fellow pro-lifers has energized him to fight even harder against abortion. A federal jury voted last week to convict Paul Vaughn and five others of violations of the Freedom of Access to...
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What’s really going on with abortion and the Supreme Court?

  Recent media headlines about the latest abortion cases could lead one to believe that state abortion laws require pregnant women to die in emergency rooms and that federal law requires “emergency abortions.” Both beliefs are wrong. These misleading headlines center on...
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Kamala Harris Suggests Abortion Bans to Blame for Maternal Mortality Rates

  Vice President Kamala Harris repeated a common pro-abortion talking point that laws against killing preborn babies are to blame for high maternal mortality rates. “The top ten states with the highest rates of maternal mortality all have abortion bans,” Harris said recently...
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Pope Francis Highlights Problems of Surrogacy in Calling for Global Ban

  Pope Francis recently made the news for his call for a global ban on “surrogate motherhood,” or the process of women selling their womb and carrying a baby for someone else. During a Jan. 8 speech to ambassadors, Pope Francis said, “The path to peace calls for respect for...
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2024’s Prolife Marching Orders

  This year’s March for Life—the 50th—occurs Friday. Half a century ago, attorney Nellie Gray was convinced the first anniversary of Roe v. Wade could not go by unmarked by prolife protest. On a shoestring budget, a wing and a prayer, she assembled the first March January...
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Gretchen Whitmer ensures there will be no survivors in the war on human life

  Under Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan has sought to repeal every pro-life protection on the books. Michigan now allows for abortion up until the moment of birth following a referendum vote and legislation signed by Whitmer. Now, the governor has signed...
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White House Plans “Reproductive Freedoms Tour”

    The Biden-Harris White House plans to start the new year with a “Reproductive Freedoms Tour” to promote abortion. “Vice President Kamala Harris will embark on a nationwide reproductive freedoms tour to continue fighting back against extreme attacks throughout...
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