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Welcome to Human Life Review’s new online feature, NEWSworthy, where you will find weekly, timely coverage of news touching on a range of life issues, how they fit within the pro-life movement, and what they mean for you and your community. On such high-stakes topics as these, too often the news reporting around us appears to partake in one extreme or another, whether shrill or agenda-driven. For those looking for fair and human coverage on the issues affecting many lives today, we hope this space provides news worthy of your read.

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South Dakota’s Pro-Abortion Amendment: An Analysis

    South Dakota is the latest focus of the juggernaut trying to use initiative-and-referendum to pass a state constitutional amendment legalizing abortion-on-demand.  Like Arizona, pro-abortion forces in South Dakota are aiming to put the amendment on the November 2024...
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Vice President Kamala Harris Launching Pro-Abortion Tour on College Campuses

  The Biden White House continues its unflagging commitment to abortion by announcing September 7 that Vice President Kamala Harris will be undertaking a “Fight for Our Freedoms College Tour” to advance “abortion rights” this fall.  The preliminary lineup includes stops at...
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South Carolina upholds abortion ban while pro-abortion advocates play language games

  We have some good news for South Carolinians: The state’s Supreme Court upheld its abortion ban last week, which means unborn babies cannot be aborted after a heartbeat has been detected, around six weeks. This week, the Supreme Court further cemented its decision, saying...
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Why Are Pro-Lifers Repeating Pro-Abortion Falsehoods?

  Twice in the last few days, I read articles on pro-life websites that blandly repeated pro-abortion falsehoods about efforts to legalize late-term abortion. The Campaign Ad Both articles related to a new campaign advertisement by the Biden/Harris presidential re-election...
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Arizona’s Abortion Initiative: An Analysis

    Pro-abortion groups in Arizona are aiming to write abortion into the Grand Canyon’s state constitution, loosely following playbooks already employed in Michigan, Vermont, and California and underway for this fall in Ohio. “Arizona for Abortion Access,”  a...
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The Truth About Pregnancy Centers

  Pro-abortion advocates frequently claim that crisis pregnancy centers are dishonest because they give women facts about pregnancy and try to dissuade them from choosing abortion. Such was the reasoning behind the Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act, an...
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  James Lane Buckley died August 18, having passed his 100th birthday last March. The soft-spoken Buckley catapulted to national prominence in November 1970 when, against expectations, he won a U.S. Senate seat from New York on the Conservative Party line, beating out a pair...
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Stopping the Abortion Pill–A Major Step Forward

    A major decision was just issued by the Fifth Circuit in the abortion pill case. This is the lawsuit filed by pro-life doctors challenging the Food and Drug Administration’s shifting safety standards for the use of mifepristone (a/k/a Mifeprex). It...
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What Happened in Ohio? Pro-Lifers Face Uphill Battle in November

    The defeat August 8 of Issue 1 (raising requirements for approval of referendum-initiated state constitutional amendments) will make Ohio pro-lifers’ work to defeat a radical pro-abortion amendment to their state constitution on the November 7 ballot that much...
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