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Victims Challenge New York’s Reproductive Health Act in Historic Lawsuit

BLOG: Maria McFadden Maffucci

Epiphany 20201

A Pastor's Reflections

After January 5th

BLOG: David Poecking

Vaccinations, Life, and the Common Good



(Catholic Herald) Argentina Says the Quiet Pro-Choice Part Out Loud

BLOG: Peter Pavia

The Beast in the Living Room

HOT TOPIC: How Aborted Children Are Used in Medical Research in 2020

(National Catholic Register)


We salute the heroes of 2020

BLOG: John Grondelski

Dickens on Life, Death, and Christmas

HOT TOPIC: Stephen Vincent

Making Abortion "Great" Again

BLOG: Jason Morgan

The Forgotten Go-Between

A Pastor's Reflections

Trust Not in Princes

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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The Sorry State of Love and Marriage

  I had just started high school at the beginning of the Seventies when Erich Segal’s best-selling tearjerker Love Story and its theater-filling movie version were released to harrow the souls of the romantic. Segal had set out to write an elemental love story in a...
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A Prophetic Editorial: Fifty Years since “A New Ethic for Medicine and Society”

  This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of “A New Ethic for Medicine and Society,”  a remarkably foresighted editorial published in the September 1970 issue of the professional journal California Medicine.  The editorial, which has been reprinted many times over the...
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A Pastor's Reflections

We Need Men

  Boys say when.  Girls say why. Boys get mad.  Girls they cry. I quote the chorus of an old song by The Producers, a band I listened to in high school. Although too young to understand what the words meant, I did wonder about them. Now,...
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What We Need

Last month, Utah Senator Mike Lee gave a bold and, for many, wildly counterintuitive speech about the Green New Deal in which he concluded that The solution to climate change is not this unserious resolution, but the serious business of human...
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HOT TOPIC: President Trump and His Executive Order

When the president announced his new Executive Order, I was called by the redoubtable Cathy Ruse, who was one of my own main allies on Capitol Hill thirty years ago when I was going door to door, trying to sell this bill.  Cathy sent me congratulations, for it looked like a...
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Thank you, Amy!

  Watching Amy Coney Barrett with her family in the Rose Garden while she was being nominated for the Supreme Court was a moving and inspiring experience for all working women—or should have been. A relatively young mother of seven children who is also a law professor,...
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