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Live Not By Lies

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Chris Slattery RIP

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As Society Devalues Children, Families Build a Culture of Life

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As the World Turned Over: JFK and the ’60s

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Britney Spears revealed she was pressured into having an abortion

NEWSworthy: John Grondelski

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Pro-Life Principles and Politicians

    The following  was originally posted September 18, 2023 from the blog of Edward Mechmann “Stepping Out of the Boat”. It is reprinted with permission. ********************************* We can never expect perfection from politicians. But when they claim to be...
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South Dakota’s Pro-Abortion Amendment: An Analysis

    South Dakota is the latest focus of the juggernaut trying to use initiative-and-referendum to pass a state constitutional amendment legalizing abortion-on-demand.  Like Arizona, pro-abortion forces in South Dakota are aiming to put the amendment on the November 2024...
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A Letter from Home

  Despite being brought up by generous, loving people, I never felt at home in the suburban tract house where I misspent my youth. My dad was a slick-talking charmer who hadn’t energy for much beyond drinking, gambling, and chasing women, though he was, in his way, generous...
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How Malta Just Stopped Legalized Abortion

  American pro-life attention since June 2022 has focused on the legal status of abortion in the aftermath of the Dobbs decision, removing Roe v. Wade’s straitjacket on states that wanted to protect prenatal life. Fewer people know that during the same period, a similar...
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Pastoral Reflections

God Sees Her

  “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me” (Genesis 16:13). Recently, I was speaking to a friend over lunch, a woman who has given herself to what we might call the issues of life, particularly abortion and euthanasia/assisted suicide. Speaking of our culture’s...
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Rested and Ready

  Summer is a good time to reflect upon Our Lord’s words to his busy disciples: “‘Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while.’ For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.” (Mark 6:31) This reminds me of how the Marine Staff Sergeant...
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Insisting on Life

The Loss of New Life

Dear John Isaiah, Your mother and I named you after the saint, John the Baptist, whose birth we celebrated the day we lost you. Your middle name is the prophet whose words gave us so much solace at Mass that day: “The Lord called me from birth, from my mother’s womb he gave me my...
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So What Does it Mean? The Legal Consequences of Dobbs

  We are fortunate to have Edward Mechmann’s deft analysis. Click here for a special preview of his outstanding article for the Human Life Review.
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