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An Economic Case for Abortion?

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The Women’s Health Protection Act: Democrats Attempt to Legislate Roe and Doe

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The Fullness of Forgotten Lives

When I was in graduate school, using the word “agency” was a favorite signal of one’s in-group status. In the cutthroat world of graduate history seminars, “agency” is a way to criticize “tropes” about people in the past. A commonly called-out “trope” is that “subalterns,” or...
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Commencement—What Next?

The task of the commencement speaker is a curious one. After all, what can students learn inside of an hour that they have not learned over the long haul of four years? Cartoonist Garry Trudeau once said “Commencement speeches were invented largely in the belief that outgoing...
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Pastoral Reflections

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An Ecumenical Word on DC-Funded Abortions

    The National Pro-life Religious Council (NPRC) is a group of pro-life organizations, most of which represent denominations or are based in churches. Anglicans for Life, the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, the...
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sonogram in hands

Mental Pictures Catching Up with Our Minds

  “Our little guy is now the size of my thumbnail.” This fellow was telling me how his wife was doing during her pregnancy. They had recently visited their obstetrician and, as is customary these days, had seen their growing child via...
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Insisting on Life

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The Little Discussed But High Blood Clot Risk of Hormonal Birth Control

In April, the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine received scrutiny after six women experienced a rare blood clot condition, causing the United States to pause its distribution “out of an abundance of caution.” Immediately, some trying to downplay the risk compared the J&J...
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Biden, the Bishops and Hyde

As expected, President Biden has made good on his promise to ditch the Hyde Amendment, dropping it from the federal budget proposal he released the Friday before the long Memorial Day weekend. The amendment, named, of course, for the late great Congressman Henry J. Hyde, was...
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