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Alabama IVF Ruling Acknowledges ‘Humanity of Unborn Children’

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Don’t Lose Pro-Life History

A Pastoral Reflection: Fr. Gerald E. Murray

What Is Lent?

NEWSworthy: Edward Mechmann

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Constitutional Chicanery


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Fall 2023

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With Friends Like These . . .


The Messianic Secret and Pro-Life Purpose

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Who Cares about Britney Spears?

NEWSworthy: Matt Lamb

NEWSworthy: Pro-life Father Targeted by Justice Department Says He’s More Energized than Ever

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The Huge Loophole in Genocide Law


Death and AI and Resurrection


Maria McFadden Maffucci talks post-Dobbs culture and challenges with David Vaughan

NEWSworthy: Rachel N. Morrison

What’s Really Going on With abortion and the Supreme Court?

NEWSworthy: Matt Lamb

Kamala Harris Suggests Abortion Bans to Blame for Maternal Mortality Rates

BLOG: Diane Moriarty

Is Gay the New Boring?


For the Love of a Worm

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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White House Plans “Reproductive Freedoms Tour”

    The Biden-Harris White House plans to start the new year with a “Reproductive Freedoms Tour” to promote abortion. “Vice President Kamala Harris will embark on a nationwide reproductive freedoms tour to continue fighting back against extreme attacks throughout...
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The Low Cost of (Some) Labor in Michigan

    Democrats hype themselves as friends of workers and of labor.  But there’s one case—in Michigan of all places!—where they seem ready to favor labor at below minimum-wage rules. In fact, they have no labor rules at all. I’m talking about the labor connected with...
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Enter the Dragon

  2024 is the year of the dragon. It was barely half-a-day old when the dragon lashed out in anger. On the afternoon of New Year’s Day in Japan our cell phones started bleating in unison, high-pitched whooping interspersed with an urgent robotic voice repeating: “Jishin...
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Who’s Minding the Store?

  The current Supreme Court is pilloried for being Right Wing simply because a majority of justices are originalists who believe the Constitution should be interpreted strictly according to how it would have been understood by the framers. Labeling such a proclivity as Right...
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Pastoral Reflections

Christmas Sedition

    Christmas incites observers to contemplate the overthrow of the worldly order on behalf of the oppressed. The pro-life movement, in order to protect the unborn, sustains the seditious nature of Christmas and enlivens Christmas hope. Casting down the Mighty Sometime...
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The Christ Child in Carols—and in Us

    The traditional Nine Lessons and Carols opens with the carol “Once in Royal David’s City.” The words were written by Cecil Frances Alexander in 1848; they first appeared in the U.S. in Cantica Sacra, Hymns for the Children of the Catholic Church, in 1865. In the lessons...
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Insisting on Life

Erika Bachiochi on: Why can’t (and shouldn’t) a woman be more like a man.

  Pro-lifers in Washington for the March for Life had an opportunity to hear Erika Bachiochi speak about her latest book, The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision  published in 2021 by the University of Notre Dame Press.  She spoke twice: the evening before the March,...
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“God already sees the entire future of that embryo”

The following is an excerpt from the late Pope Benedict XVI’s General Audience on December 28, 2005, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  Psalm 139[138] “The wonder of my being’ Evening Prayer – Wednesday of the Fourth Week Dear Brothers and Sisters, 1. At...
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Archive Spotlight

Talking to Non-Christian Prolifers

After Alexandra G. was raped at age 13, her mother opted not to take her to a doctor...
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The Long Road of Eugenics: From Rockefeller to Roe v. Wade (Fall, 2004)

  The infamous Roe v. Wade1 decision relies directly and indirectly on the work...
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Fatal Tissue: The Horror and the Lure

The history of the natural sciences has two themes, one, the formation of their...
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The Odd Couple: Freedom and Liberty

“My chief hope for the future is that the common people have not parted company with...
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