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Planned Parenthood Directors Admit Under Oath That They Sold Aborted Baby Parts (LifeNews)

A Pastor's Reflections

A Beautiful Problem

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Two Ideas of "Common Sense"

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Churches Set for Holy Battle to Open in New York

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Corona Time: Snooping Goes Viral

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"The Good Mother" by Maria McFadden Maffucci


Matilda's Law, Cuomo Fail to Protect NY's Most Vulnerable

A Pastor's Reflections

The Cost Of Courage

A Pastor's Reflections:

COVID-19 and Abortion: Why Are We Concerned?

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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La Corona: On the Calculus of Mortality

    For this we put aside our claim on love Lay waste our little square of common home Emotion stoked and fearful we refrain Impassioned, rationed and enthroned alone.   Corona is the circle of the sun A super-nova scourg’d upon the earth A clash of opposites to life...
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The Pro-Life Movement Meets Biopolitics

  “We will have to discard simple dichotomies” when the coronavirus pandemic finally subsides, Francis Fukuyama predicts in The Atlantic. Let’s borrow that line for a moment and apply it to the pro-life cause. The dichotomy that concerns Fukuyama is between liberal...
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A Pastor's Reflections

The Failure of Personhood

Some questions are questions. Some questions aren’t questions, but have other purposes. If my wife walks downstairs ready for a dinner date and I ask, “Are you really going to wear that dress?”, she will not mistake the question for a question....
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“Safe Sex”

Of all the euphemisms and half-truths used by abortion advocates, one of the most current is the call to “safe sex”—alternatively, the warning against “unprotected sex.” Of course people using this language are not suggesting abstinence. Rather,...
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      You can tell we’re getting restless — twitching and twisting and otherwise maneuvering ourselves into the familiar postures that characterized life, say, last January.  We’re homesick: sick of being at home and making allowances for spouses, children, boarders, ...
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HOT TOPIC: 7 Arrested for Praying Near Greensboro Abortion Clinic During Stay-at Home Order (P.J. Media) On Sunday, we reported that four men were arrested outside a Greensboro, N.C., abortion clinic, where they were conducting a prayer walk. Despite the fact that...
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About the Human Life Review

Human Life Review
The Human Life Review is the only publication of its kind in the world: a journal devoted to life issues, primarily abortion (William F. Buckley once praised it as "the focus of civilized discussion of the abortion issue"), but also "neonaticide," genetic engineering, cloning, and fetal tissue experimentation, as well as the end-of-life issues of euthanasia, assisted suicide and suicide. We also publish articles dealing with more general questions of family and society: what the "abortion mentality" has done to our culture; how moral relativism has pervaded our political process as well as our educational system; and how the debates over day care and the children's rights movements, as well as the controversy over health care and end-of-life decision making, reflect a society sharply divided on the most basic moral questions.



What We Do

  • Facilitate Discussion

    Our publication aims to facilitate the discussion about issues related to the Right to Life movement. We give proponents access to academic journals and legal opinions from many contributors who are highly respected around the country. We make sure our readers are properly educated and are able to operate an educated discussion about the life issues, most notably abortion.
  • Educate The Public

    The Human Life Review is the only publication of its kind in the world: a journal completely devoted to life issues, primarily abortion , but also "neonaticide," genetic engineering, cloning, and fetal tissue experimentation, as well as the end-of-life issues of euthanasia, assisted suicide and suicide.
  • Over 40 Years of History

    Each issue of the Review features original articles and an Appendices section, which reprints opinion columns from around the U.S. and abroad. The Human Life Review has an impressive roster of contributors, including the late Clare Booth Luce and Malcolm Muggeridge, John T. Noonan, James L. Buckley, Cardinal John J. O'Connor, Congressman Henry Hyde, Dr. C. Everett Koop, Nat Hentoff, Hadley Arkes, and Mary Ann Glendon. Recent regular contributors have included Senior Editors William Murchison, Ellen Wilson Fielding, as well as Professor George McKenna, Mary Meehan, and Wesley Smith. Read more about our contributors here!


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"The focus of civilized discussion of the abortion issue"

Our mission is to give the readers the tools to have a "civilized discussion" about many issues related to the life issues, most notably Abortion. Further the continuation of our cause by donating to a highly reputable legal organization
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Archive Spotlight

What I Saw at the Abortion: The doctor observed, the man saw.

I am a surgeon. Particularities of sick flesh is everyday news. Escaping blood, all...
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The Ethics of Fetal Implants

In September 1987, an operation took place at the La Raza Medical Center in Mexico...
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Hijacking Immigration?

The myth that human beings are “overpopulating” the earth, which has persisted for...
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Is There a Post-Abortion Syndrome? A Symposium

  The Right That Makes Women Grieve George McKenna Every so often, if only to...
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