Insisting on Life: Encounter: Worldview Matters, featuring Maria McFadden Maffucci

PASTORAL REFLECTIONS: Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth

A Confession for Life versus the Scandal of Division

BLOG: William Murchison

Free Speech Prevails in Texas


Winter 2023

NEWSworthy: Edward Mechmann

Legal Issues on Chemical Abortions


Happy Birthday, Judge Buckley!

NEWSworthy: Madeline Fry Schultz

HHS weighs declaring access to abortion a “public health emergency’

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Back on the Chain Gang

Pastoral Reflections: Rev. W. Ross Blackburn


Insisting On Life: Maria McFadden Maffucci

Unexpected: A new movie about hope

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The Threshold of No Consequence

Pastoral Reflections: Fr. Gerald Murray

Lent: A Time for Humility and Honesty

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Jeweler’s Dust

Pastoral Reflections: Rev. George G. Brooks


Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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An Abortion Clinic in Your Neighborhood

(Editors’ note: The following is reprinted with permission from Ed Mechmann’s blog, Stepping out of the Boat.) How many people know that there can be an abortion clinic in virtually every neighborhood? When we usually think of abortion clinics, we think of Planned...
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“Benedict XVI, 95, Who Defended Doctrine, Dies.”                                                         — The New York Times, January 1, 202

  And so it goes: the gaze of society deflected, as usual, by the modern establishment’s failure—or refusal—to acknowledge what should be called and reckoned with as religious truth. As the Human Life Review’s Jim McFadden used to sigh, verbally, in signing off from yet...
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Let’s March with Renewed Life

    This is not the time to stop marching. Though Roe has been overturned, abortion on demand is still the law in many states, and in recent votes even so-called pro-life states have expressed surprising support for pro-abortion legislation and some confusion over bills...
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Be Careful What You Wish For

  You know what killed Roe v. Wade? Roe v. Wade. New York State legalized abortion in 1970, and it didn’t need the Supreme Court to do it; it already had the option because of states’ rights.  Hawaii was actually first, but its law had residency requirements whereas N...
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Pastoral Reflections

Broken Resolutions

January is my least favorite month, followed closely by February. In fact, the only reason I dislike them in that order is because in January there is still February to endure. I have never liked the cold of winter, the inconvenience of snow, and the long wait for the sprouting...
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Our Fellow Pilgrim

    The death of Pope Benedict XVI on December 31, 2022, brought an end to the earthly pilgrimage of this great servant of the servants of God. Joseph Ratzinger’s sacred journey to eternal life began at the baptismal font of his parish church in Marktl, Bavaria, on...
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Insisting on Life

Mother Teresa and Her Living Legacy Shine in New Film

The great strength of the powerful new documentary Mother Teresa: No Greater Love is that while it traces St. Teresa of Calcutta’s biography, it focuses vigorously on her living legacy: the Missionaries of Charity around the world.  The feature-length film, produced by the...
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Luke Mechmann 1994-2022

The following is reprinted, from his blog, Stepping out of the Boat,  with permission  from our dear friend and colleague Ed Mechmann. Please keep Luke and the Mechmann family in your prayers. Eulogy for Luke [On August 3, my youngest son Luke died from an accidental drug...
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Archive Spotlight

Is There a Post-Abortion Syndrome? A Symposium

  The Right That Makes Women Grieve George McKenna Every so often, if only to...
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Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation

THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade is a good time for...
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The Slide to Auschwitz

  In July the City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts, voted to petition...
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Is the IRS Targeting Prolifers?

While it is clear that the IRS has targeted Tea Party groups for special...
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