Biden, the Bishops and Hyde

As expected, President Biden has made good on his promise to ditch the Hyde Amendment, dropping it from the federal budget proposal he released the Friday before the long Memorial Day weekend. The amendment, named, of course, for the late great Congressman Henry J. Hyde, was...
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Is Joe Biden Only Quasi-Catholic—At Best?

Funny how a presidential election can change everything. For the past four years, the story has been the evangelical church in the time of Donald Trump. Now it’s the Catholic Church in the time of Joe Biden. There are key differences in this religion/power narrative. Through the...
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Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels

HOT TOPIC: (National Review) Biden Cried Tears of Joy When Roe Was Upheld.   Why the tears of joy? Souter’s was Casey’s fifth vote to keep Roe from being overturned. Per Kengor: “Biden wept tears of joy in the arms of Rudman, shouting triumphantly of Souter: ‘You were right...
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