Insisting on Life features commentary, reflections and news from Maria McFadden Maffucci and special guests.

The name is taken from the title the Human Life Review gave to the collection of essays from the late, great pro-life journalist and Review contributor Nat Hentoff—published when we honored him with our Great Defender of Life Award in 2005.

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Maria McFadden Maffucci is editor in chief of the Human Life Review and President of the Human Life Foundation.

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The Reality of Suicide and Suicidal Thinking

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. I am pleased to have as my guest commentator Leticia Ochoa Adams. Leticia was born and raised in rural Texas south of San Antonio and recently graduated with a BA in Philosophy from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. She is  married to...
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Mexico Legalizes Abortion

In a September 7th unanimous decision, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional. The decision  specifically repeals the law in Coahuila,  a state on the border of Texas, but  . . .  it establishes a historic precedent and “obligatory criteria for all of the...
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The Texas Heartbeat Act

The Texas Heartbeat Act, which went into effect the first of September, bans abortion once there is a discernible heartbeat. The Supreme Court declined to block the law. Josh Blackmun explains why. Pro-abortion activists are furious and ratcheting up the rhetoric—Texas is the Taliban etc. The...
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Faith’s Words Live On

Today marks the 10th anniversary of my dear mother’s death. For years, the anguish of the initial separation has been helped by the peaceful certainty that she is with me, with us—me and my surviving 3 siblings. We often share our “that was Mom” moments, when things happen in our lives that are...
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Friends of the Court — Part II

In our symposium, “Perspectives on the Impending Fate of Roe,” Helen Alvaré, Professor of Law at the Antonin Scalia Law School, writes: “In Dobbs, the Supreme Court will not restore greater protection to unborn life without a credible argument that by so doing, they are not impairing...
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Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Friends of the Court

  Over 75 amicus and amici curiae briefs have been filed by petitioners for the upcoming Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court case, including many by Human Life Review contributors and allies. One, filed by the Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund, refers...
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Bravo Brits! –Some Good News

A news story you might have missed:  Prolifers in Britain and Wales scored a big win in early July as they thwarted an attempt by Member of Parliament Diana Johnson to add an amendment—which would legalize abortion up to birth—to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. As the Society for...
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Giving Life!

My neighbor across the hall is a friendly, happy-go-lucky single mom with 2 charming sons–one grown, who is beyond nice, and her little 3-year-old, as smart as a whip and officially our most adorable neighbor ever. She is a pretty lady who looks less than half her 50 years.  Put a laptop...
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Jeanneane Maxon, Warrior for Christ

My friend Jeanneane Nicole Maxon inspires me every day. I first got to know her  from afar when we both attended a quarterly meeting of national, pro-life leaders in Washington DC. Maxon was then vice president of external affairs and corporate counsel for Americans United for Life, and she...
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The Little Discussed But High Blood Clot Risk of Hormonal Birth Control

In April, the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine received scrutiny after six women experienced a rare blood clot condition, causing the United States to pause its distribution “out of an abundance of caution.” Immediately, some trying to downplay the risk compared the J&J vaccine to...
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Biden, the Bishops and Hyde

As expected, President Biden has made good on his promise to ditch the Hyde Amendment, dropping it from the federal budget proposal he released the Friday before the long Memorial Day weekend. The amendment, named, of course, for the late great Congressman Henry J. Hyde, was first passed in...
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Down Syndrome and Social Media: Will Visibility Save Lives?

  Most of us by now have our favorite social-media stars; mine are an irrepressible pair of youngsters named Ollie and Cameron, identical twins who have Down syndrome, born March 2013 in Dundee. They’re basically my favorite Scotsmen, excepting David Tennant. Their mum’s posts of the boys’...
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