Insisting on Life features commentary, reflections and news from Maria McFadden Maffucci and special guests.

The name is taken from the title the Human Life Review gave to the collection of essays from the late, great pro-life journalist and Review contributor Nat Hentoff—published when we honored him with our Great Defender of Life Award in 2005.

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Maria McFadden Maffucci is editor in chief of the Human Life Review and President of the Human Life Foundation.

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Erika Bachiochi on: Why can’t (and shouldn’t) a woman be more like a man.

  Pro-lifers in Washington for the March for Life had an opportunity to hear Erika Bachiochi speak about her latest book, The Rights of Women: Reclaiming a Lost Vision  published in 2021 by the University of Notre Dame Press.  She spoke twice: the evening before the March, together with...
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“God already sees the entire future of that embryo”

The following is an excerpt from the late Pope Benedict XVI’s General Audience on December 28, 2005, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  Psalm 139[138] “The wonder of my being’ Evening Prayer – Wednesday of the Fourth Week Dear Brothers and Sisters, 1. At this General...
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Will the “World’s First Artificial Womb Facility” Incubate 30,000 Lab-Grown Children Every Year?

  Moral disgust and fascination are often two sides of the same coin when it comes to new developments in biotechnology. In many ways, it is the capacity for moral disgust that will save our society by steering us away from the encroaching culture of death. But that capacity for moral...
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Receiving Treatment for an Ectopic Pregnancy Is Neither an Abortion nor a Choice

  The Supreme Court decision last June that overturned Roe v. Wade has initiated a noisy national conversation in which abortion advocates have asserted that elective abortion (or termination) is a treatment for ectopic pregnancies. It is not. And I should know, because several years ago I...
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Mother Teresa and Her Living Legacy Shine in New Film

The great strength of the powerful new documentary Mother Teresa: No Greater Love is that while it traces St. Teresa of Calcutta’s biography, it focuses vigorously on her living legacy: the Missionaries of Charity around the world.  The feature-length film, produced by the Knights of Columbus,...
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Luke Mechmann 1994-2022

The following is reprinted, from his blog, Stepping out of the Boat,  with permission  from our dear friend and colleague Ed Mechmann. Please keep Luke and the Mechmann family in your prayers. Eulogy for Luke [On August 3, my youngest son Luke died from an accidental drug overdose at the age of...
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The Loss of New Life

Dear John Isaiah, Your mother and I named you after the saint, John the Baptist, whose birth we celebrated the day we lost you. Your middle name is the prophet whose words gave us so much solace at Mass that day: “The Lord called me from birth, from my mother’s womb he gave me my name.” We had...
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So What Does it Mean? The Legal Consequences of Dobbs

  We are fortunate to have Edward Mechmann’s deft analysis. Click here for a special preview of his outstanding article for the Human Life Review.
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Rejecting the Culture War, and Building a Culture of Peace

  (The following is reprinted from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 29th,  and reprinted with permission.) It all started in my sophomore year of high school: I was a bi, liberal, atheist feminist trying to figure myself out as we all do at that age, when an ex-boyfriend raped me. For two...
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What Lies Ahead . . . Interview re Roe.

  Here is my recent interview on David Vaughan’s radio program, Encounter: Worldview Matters, broadcast from St. Louis. David Vaughan is a pastor, lecturer, community leader, editor, and author.  He pastors at the Liberty Christian Church in O’Fallon, Missouri, serves as the...
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The Matter of Life

The Matter of Life is what the pro-life movement needs: an intelligent, eminently reasonable and persuasive look at what is really involved in the matter of abortion.  Featuring activists who break the sterotypes and pro-life leaders who exude compassion and common sense,  it also includes...
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From the Editors …..

The editors of the Human Life Review pray for the day Roe v. Wade is overturned and support legal efforts to do so.  At the same time, we strenuously condemn this attempt to intimidate justices and pervert justice. This unprecedented breach at the Supreme Court is a disturbing sign of the...
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