Insisting on Life features commentary, reflections and news from Maria McFadden Maffucci and special guests.

The name is taken from the title the Human Life Review gave to the collection of essays from the late, great pro-life journalist and Review contributor Nat Hentoff—published when we honored him with our Great Defender of Life Award in 2005.

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Maria McFadden Maffucci is editor in chief of the Human Life Review and President of the Human Life Foundation.

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The Matter of Life

The Matter of Life is what the pro-life movement needs: an intelligent, eminently reasonable and persuasive look at what is really involved in the matter of abortion.  Featuring activists who break the sterotypes and pro-life leaders who exude compassion and common sense,  it also includes...
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From the Editors …..

The editors of the Human Life Review pray for the day Roe v. Wade is overturned and support legal efforts to do so.  At the same time, we strenuously condemn this attempt to intimidate justices and pervert justice. This unprecedented breach at the Supreme Court is a disturbing sign of the...
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A Life of Mercy: Vicki Thorn, RIP

The world has just lost a prolife hero: Vicki Thorn, founder of Project Rachel, died suddenly, on April 20, at 72 years old. Although I did not know Mrs. Thorn personally, I had massive admiration for her, ever since I wrote about the ministry she founded, Project Rachel,  for the Review in...
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We Must Never Forget Terri Schiavo

Today is the  17th anniversary of the murder of Terri Schiavo. Terri endured a 14-day, agonizing death when the court ordered that her feeding tube be removed, and forbid any hydration. Terri was not terminally ill–or even critically–ill; she was disabled due to a brain injury. Her...
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Gloria Purvis: Faithful and Fearless by William Doino

Just out in our new issue, William Doino Jr’s engaging portrait of Gloria Purvis, who, he writes, is: one of the best-known lay Catholic evangelists in America. Although she never set out to become one, her resounding affirmation of Catholic teaching, especially its defense of human life and...
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Exploring the Left Right Divide on Abortion

This article by Human Life Review contributor Richard Stith was originally published on MercatorNet under a Creative Commons Licence. If you enjoyed this article, visit MercatorNet for more.   For hundreds of years, there has been a tension in Western law between providing protection and...
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Miracles Do Happen!

[Editor’s note: This story arrived in my mailbox—on actual paper!—and it warmed my heart.  It is printed here with the author’s permission.] Here I am, 85 years old and during those years never once thought that a miracle would happen to me. But, IT DID! During my life, a miracle...
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For the love of women . . . please . . . prove me wrong.

(The following is reprinted from a Facebook post with the permission of Destiny Herndon-de la Rosa, president and founder of  of New Wave Feminists.) I’m terrified that if Roe is overturned, pro-lifers will think their job is done when in reality, it’s just the beginning of our work. My biggest...
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Learning from AOC

As a pro-lifer, I never suspected I would find myself agreeing with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a matter concerning abortion.  But despite being resolutely pro-abortion, her comments about the Texas Heartbeat Act, which prohibits abortion after six weeks, gave the pro-life movement something to...
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March for Life 2022: Signs of our Times

Many have bemoaned that we have become a Twitter culture, where slogans have taken the place of argument.  I am one of them.  But, as they say,  it is what it is.  And, slogans can be revealing as well. Let me suggest a simple experiment.  If you want to explore the character of the...
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Bereavement Leave after Abortion

(Here is an insightful column from Human Life Review contributor, Professor Anne Hendershott, published in The American Conservative. ) The Truth of Abortion in Deep Blue Cities   Portland was first in the nation to provide bereavement leave for its employees after abortion, and its policy...
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The Left’s Failure: Why Nat Hentoff Lost His Friends

(This first appeared on our site on January 23, 2017. The visual is an original Nick Downes cartoon created for  Hentoff’s Great Defender of Life Award, in 2005) He shocked his friends, and lost a good many of them. He said something no one in his circles would say. In doing so, he...
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