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La Corona: On the Calculus of Mortality

HOT TOPIC: William Murchison (Main Street USA)

The Citizens Just Get on With It

A Pastor's Reflections:

COVID-19 and Abortion: Why Are We Concerned?


7 Arrested for Praying Near Greensboro Abortion Clinic During Stay-at Home Order (P.J. Media)

BLOG: Nicholas Frankovich

The Pro-Life Movement Meets Biopolitics

HOT TOPIC: Maria McFadden Maffucci (for NEWSMAX)

Coronavirus Demands the Strong Protect, Save the Weak

HOT TOPIC: William Murchison

"By the Skin of our Teeth"


Italy's Heart-breaking Choices, Violent Pro-Choicers, and More . . .

BLOG: Tara Jernigan

Singing in the Darkness

A Pastor's Reflections

When Wisdom Serves Evil

A Pastor's Reflections

When Freedom is Bondage


A Pastor's Reflections:

God With Us

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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Does the State Still Have Any Interest in Marriage?

Recently a friend saw Fiddler on the Roof and remarked on how much darker the plot was than he had remembered. It’s a musical, after all, and most musicals (barring West Side Story-style romantic tragedy or Sweeney Todd-style bizarreness) are upbeat. It has a lot of comic scenes...
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Pro-life and the Coronavirus

  Most people probably have spent at least a little time thinking about how to survive a pandemic or other apocalyptic scenario. We live on a farm, so people regularly tell us they’re heading over to our place should it all hit the fan. I usually smile and change the subjec...
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A Pastor's Reflections

The Failure of Personhood

Some questions are questions. Some questions aren’t questions, but have other purposes. If my wife walks downstairs ready for a dinner date and I ask, “Are you really going to wear that dress?”, she will not mistake the question for a question....
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“Safe Sex”

Of all the euphemisms and half-truths used by abortion advocates, one of the most current is the call to “safe sex”—alternatively, the warning against “unprotected sex.” Of course people using this language are not suggesting abstinence. Rather,...
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Klopfer ran three different Indiana abortion clinics during his lifetime and performed over 30,000 abortions since he began operating in 1974. Authorities examined each of these clinics and their findings are also detailed in the attorney general’s report, which records Klopfer’s...
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HOT TOPIC: Shameful Super-Foul Half-time Show

I’m not a prude; I enjoy much of what pop culture has to offer, even when it doesn’t represent the values I hold dear. But this year’s Super Bowl half-time show was repugnant. First up: Shakira, an undoubtedly gifted and ebullient musical performer. But within seconds of her...
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About the Human Life Review

Human Life Review
The Human Life Review is the only publication of its kind in the world: a journal devoted to life issues, primarily abortion (William F. Buckley once praised it as "the focus of civilized discussion of the abortion issue"), but also "neonaticide," genetic engineering, cloning, and fetal tissue experimentation, as well as the end-of-life issues of euthanasia, assisted suicide and suicide. We also publish articles dealing with more general questions of family and society: what the "abortion mentality" has done to our culture; how moral relativism has pervaded our political process as well as our educational system; and how the debates over day care and the children's rights movements, as well as the controversy over health care and end-of-life decision making, reflect a society sharply divided on the most basic moral questions.



What We Do

  • Facilitate Discussion

    Our publication aims to facilitate the discussion about issues related to the Right to Life movement. We give proponents access to academic journals and legal opinions from many contributors who are highly respected around the country. We make sure our readers are properly educated and are able to operate an educated discussion about the life issues, most notably abortion.
  • Educate The Public

    The Human Life Review is the only publication of its kind in the world: a journal completely devoted to life issues, primarily abortion , but also "neonaticide," genetic engineering, cloning, and fetal tissue experimentation, as well as the end-of-life issues of euthanasia, assisted suicide and suicide.
  • Over 40 Years of History

    Each issue of the Review features original articles and an Appendices section, which reprints opinion columns from around the U.S. and abroad. The Human Life Review has an impressive roster of contributors, including the late Clare Booth Luce and Malcolm Muggeridge, John T. Noonan, James L. Buckley, Cardinal John J. O'Connor, Congressman Henry Hyde, Dr. C. Everett Koop, Nat Hentoff, Hadley Arkes, and Mary Ann Glendon. Recent regular contributors have included Senior Editors William Murchison, Ellen Wilson Fielding, as well as Professor George McKenna, Mary Meehan, and Wesley Smith. Read more about our contributors here!


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"The focus of civilized discussion of the abortion issue"

Our mission is to give the readers the tools to have a "civilized discussion" about many issues related to the life issues, most notably Abortion. Further the continuation of our cause by donating to a highly reputable legal organization
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Archive Spotlight

Active and Passive Euthanasia

  Because of recent advances in medical technology, it is today possible to save...
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Abortion Looming in Ireland

When last I wrote for this publication, Ireland had been through a huge national and...
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Why Roe/Casey Is Still Unsettled

In his first public criticism of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dred Scott v....
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In a Basin Clearly

Friday, 6:00 p.m., September 30th. Three deliveries and two hours of sleep in the...
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