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BLOG: Jason Morgan

Hanko and Embodiment


Victims Challenge New York’s Reproductive Health Act in Historic Lawsuit

BLOG: Maria McFadden Maffucci

Epiphany 20201

A Pastor's Reflections

After January 5th

BLOG: David Poecking

Vaccinations, Life, and the Common Good



(Catholic Herald) Argentina Says the Quiet Pro-Choice Part Out Loud

BLOG: Peter Pavia

The Beast in the Living Room

HOT TOPIC: How Aborted Children Are Used in Medical Research in 2020

(National Catholic Register)


We salute the heroes of 2020

BLOG: John Grondelski

Dickens on Life, Death, and Christmas

HOT TOPIC: Stephen Vincent

Making Abortion "Great" Again

A Pastor's Reflections

Trust Not in Princes

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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Covid’s List

How do we count the dead? One by one. Parading statistics down a path of false horror can only end in a competition of fools. Who can cite the biggest statistic of American deaths: 225,000; 250,000; 283,000? The World Health Organization counts over 1.5 million people worldwide. ...
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Negligent Homicide and the Butterfly Effect

Murder begins as a thought. Homicide, the broader category that includes murder, begins as either a thought or the failure to take thought—that is, the failure to take care. Let’s say I was texting on my phone while driving a car. If in my distraction I hit a pedestrian who then...
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A Pastor's Reflections

COVID-19 and Abortion: Why Are We Concerned?

  I write this from my home in North Carolina, not having seen (in person) anyone outside of my family (except the postman) for almost two weeks. Our governor has issued a stay-at-home order for April. Like many other places in the country,...
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When Wisdom Serves Evil

Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the LORD God had made (Genesis 3:1). Before proceeding with this short reflection, let me acknowledge that those who perpetrate evil do not always intend to do so. It is...
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A Patina of Prayer

After a meeting of local clergy leaders hosted by our parish (on the lawn, due to Covid restrictions), one of the pastors mentioned that he had never been inside our church. Knowing that most clergy enjoy snooping around places of worship, I offered him a brief tour of our...
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The Not-Senescent Socialist-in-Waiting

  On Saturday November 7 the nation’s mainstream media, not known for its impartiality, took it upon itself to declare victory for the Biden-Harris ticket. (Or is it the Harris-Biden ticket?)  In New York City, home to countless young people, hoots and hollers resounded in...
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Archive Spotlight

In a Basin Clearly

Friday, 6:00 p.m., September 30th. Three deliveries and two hours of sleep in the...
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Is There a Post-Abortion Syndrome? A Symposium

  The Right That Makes Women Grieve George McKenna Every so often, if only to...
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Scheidler’s Supreme Victory

“Pro-life action news: Mark Wednesday, Feb. 26, in red letters because it is one big...
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President Obama and “Black Genocide”

Barack Obama has made history in two unprecedentedly dramatic ways: He is the first...
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