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Pastoral Reflections: Tara Jernigan

The Banners We Raise

BLOG: Jane Sarah

Dad’s Bread and Butter Crumbs

Pastoral Reflections: W. Ross Blackburn

Oppression in the Name of Equality

INSISTING ON LIFE: Mary Rose Somarriba

The Little Discussed But High Blood Clot Risk of Hormonal Birth Control

BLOG: William Murchison

The Wages of Population Meddling


Pastoral Reflections: Reverend Paul T. Stallsworth

Memorial Day 2021

Insisting on Life: Maria McFadden Maffucci

Biden, the Bishops and Hyde

BLOG: C. L. Harris

On What We Inherit—and What We Pass On


The Trinity and Babies

BLOG: Vincenzina Santoro

USAID’s Samantha Power: New Power on the Global Stage


In God's Good Time

Insisting on Life : BREAKING NEWS

Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Roe v. Wade

JUNE 16 EVENT! Stealth Threats from the Administrative State

Looming threats to life and religious liberty and what we can do to counter them

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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On What We Inherit—and What We Pass On

My mother grew up in Rego Park, Queens, New York. She said the developer who named the town got “Rego” from a contraction of “Real Good.” The daughter of strict German immigrants, being raised in the shadow of World War II, she embodied the first-generation ethos of dreams...
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USAID’s Samantha Power: New Power on the Global Stage

[The following is adapted from a column that originally appeared on the (Italian) website The New Daily Compass ( and is reprinted with permission.] The new Biden-Harris Administration immediately adopted a “tabula rasa” approach to life matters. From day one,...
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Pastoral Reflections

Photo 5409859 / Memorial Day © Margie Hurwich |

Memorial Day 2021

  Memorial Day is a time for Americans to remember other Americans who, to put it in idealistic terms, gave their lives in the service of freedom in this world. However, while remembering those who died for the sake of freedom, we are bound...
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IVF injection

The Trinity and Babies

  Classic Christian trinitarian doctrine is expressed by analogy with a distinction drawn from common human experience. Here’s the distinction: There are many things that people make—physical items (houses, say) as well as intellectual ones...
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Insisting on Life

Down Syndrome and Social Media: Will Visibility Save Lives?

  Most of us by now have our favorite social-media stars; mine are an irrepressible pair of youngsters named Ollie and Cameron, identical twins who have Down syndrome, born March 2013 in Dundee. They’re basically my favorite Scotsmen, excepting David Tennant. Their mum’s...
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Supreme Court to Hear Case Challenging Roe v. Wade

“Supreme Court to Review Mississippi Law Limiting Abortion Rights High court will take up state appeal seeking to ban the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy, giving justices opportunity to revisit Roe v. Wade.” This morning, the Supreme Court agreed to consider a Mississippi...
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Archive Spotlight

Hijacking Immigration?

The myth that human beings are “overpopulating” the earth, which has persisted for...
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The Business of Family Planning

  The global contraceptives market was estimated to be $22 billion in 2016  and...
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Abortion Looming in Ireland

When last I wrote for this publication, Ireland had been through a huge national and...
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What I Saw at the Abortion: The doctor observed, the man saw.

I am a surgeon. Particularities of sick flesh is everyday news. Escaping blood, all...
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