Insisting on Life: Encounter: Worldview Matters, featuring Maria McFadden Maffucci

PASTORAL REFLECTIONS: Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth

A Confession for Life versus the Scandal of Division

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Free Speech Prevails in Texas


Winter 2023

NEWSworthy: Edward Mechmann

Legal Issues on Chemical Abortions


Happy Birthday, Judge Buckley!

NEWSworthy: Madeline Fry Schultz

HHS weighs declaring access to abortion a “public health emergency’

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Back on the Chain Gang

Pastoral Reflections: Rev. W. Ross Blackburn


Insisting On Life: Maria McFadden Maffucci

Unexpected: A new movie about hope

BLOG: Peter Pavia

The Threshold of No Consequence

Pastoral Reflections: Fr. Gerald Murray

Lent: A Time for Humility and Honesty

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Jeweler’s Dust

Pastoral Reflections: Rev. George G. Brooks


Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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Rihanna’s Super Bowl pregnancy announcement is an unexpected pro-life moment

      When Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl halftime show this week, she shocked the world by revealing a baby bump. While her performance itself may not have been altogether family-friendly, Rihanna has recently surprised onlookers by being an advocate for...
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Abortion and Magical Legal Thinking

  The pro-abortion bitter-enders in the legal community are continuing to thrash about in search of a magic spell that will resurrect Roe v. Wade. Their latest attempt is the absurd proposition that abortion is guaranteed by the Thirteenth Amendment. That’s right, the Civil...
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The Threshold of No Consequence

  A teenager strapped to a backpack reeking of marijuana boards a city bus. The stink permeates the vehicle’s interior the moment the teen reaches the top step. Sneering at the fare box, he walks by the driver and plops into a seat. I guess he doesn’t have to pay. I do, but...
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Jeweler’s Dust

  It was the end of my first day on the job as a shop girl in an antique jewelry store in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Long glass cases on mahogany legs, a grandfather clock in the corner—they didn’t just sell jewelry but made and repaired it as well in the workshop at...
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Pastoral Reflections

Lent: A Time for Humility and Honesty

    The sacred season of Lent, when we join in spirit with Jesus in his forty days of fasting in the desert, is upon us. We are called to contemplate the misery our sins, but more importantly, our hope in the One who died for all mankind. The reality of our sinfulness...
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    The penitential season of Lent is upon us, when every year we ask ourselves what we will give up. Because we almost always choose something that gives us pleasure, we may spend the next forty days looking forward to when we can take it back. This is not a very...
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Insisting on Life

Unexpected: A new movie about hope

  The first thing I’ll say about the movie, Unexpected, is that it lives up to its title. Each time I thought “Oh right, this is how its going to go, ” I was brought up short by a, well, unexpected plot twist. I’m not going to spoil that for you here. The movie, directed by...
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Remembering Father Kaz

  “Happiness in Heaven” is the ultimate goal, drilled in to kids from an early age by rote repetition—if you attended parochial school in a certain era. Definitely a positive future endeavor! Since the overturn of Roe last June, I often think of recent inductees into this...
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Archive Spotlight

The Slide to Auschwitz

  In July the City Council of Cambridge, Massachusetts, voted to petition...
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Why Roe/Casey Is Still Unsettled

In his first public criticism of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dred Scott v....
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Harold O. J. Brown, Ph.D., was a long-time Human Life Review contributor, an...
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The Ethics of Fetal Implants

In September 1987, an operation took place at the La Raza Medical Center in Mexico...
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