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What Does ‘Abortion’ Mean? Many People Don’t Know

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Chris Slattery RIP

Pastor's Reflections: Rev. George Brooks

The End

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As Society Devalues Children, Families Build a Culture of Life

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As the World Turned Over: JFK and the ’60s

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Britney Spears revealed she was pressured into having an abortion

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How Pro-lifers Can Prepare for 2024


Momentary Friends

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Scarecrow and Tin Man

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Sisters of Life celebrate legal victory


Keep Praying

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As Ohio Goes, So Goes the Nation

NEWSworthy: Matt Lamb

Study claiming uptick in abortions after Dobbs challenged by social scientist

BLOG: Jason Morgan

Requiem for Two Hypocrisies

Truth and Reason in Defense of Life

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How Pro-lifers Can Prepare for 2024

  Pro-lifers may be depressed in the wake of the 2023 off-year legislative elections. The worst defeat was Ohio: Enacting a state constitutional amendment enshrining abortion-on-demand through birth profoundly changes the pro-life dynamics of the state, barring the...
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Sisters of Life celebrate legal victory

  When you live in a pro-abortion state like New York, the inveterate hostility of the government can sometimes feel like a force of nature. It is all too easy for people to become discouraged, as if resistance is futile. But the Sisters of Life have shown us once again that...
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Scarecrow and Tin Man

  After the successful overturn of the national abortion mandate known as Roe v. Wade, the next battle for prolifers is “winning hearts and minds.” The problem is when it comes to hearts and minds someone else got there first.  Or something. The unhinged behavior coming from...
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Requiem for Two Hypocrisies

  “Never again,” the world long repeated. The immolation of Jewry in the Shoah shall never again darken the name of humanity, we proclaimed . . . for decades. The word “genocide” was coined after the Holocaust to name the attempt to eradicate an entire group of human beings....
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Pastoral Reflections

Keep Praying

    The Church of the Holy Family, where I serve as pastor, is in midtown Manhattan, across the street from the United Nations campus. The church is open Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM. Day in and day out, I am impressed to see the many people who come in to pray...
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A Pro-life Word to Save the Clergy

      The Sisters of Life are no strangers to readers of the Human Life Review. But they pretty much were to me before my Bishop invited one of them, Sr. Virginia Joy, to speak to the clergy and lay ministers of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. I had no idea what I...
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Insisting on Life

In Memoriam: Damian Jon Geminder 1989-2023

  This edition of Insisting on Life pays tribute to a young man who was always doing exactly that.  _________________________________________________________ Damian Jon Geminder died on April 20, after suffering a massive heart attack on March 1. He was 33 years old. The...
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Cancel the Revolution

       Bullies have a right to protest, but that right doesn’t extend to dragooning others into untruths—including the untruth that people who join a hateful mob have any intention of listening to a speaker in the first place. They don’t . . . —Mary Eberstadt, The Wall Street...
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Archive Spotlight

Abortion Looming in Ireland

When last I wrote for this publication, Ireland had been through a huge national and...
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Hijacking Immigration?

The myth that human beings are “overpopulating” the earth, which has persisted for...
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Active and Passive Euthanasia

  Because of recent advances in medical technology, it is today possible to save...
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The Odd Couple: Freedom and Liberty

“My chief hope for the future is that the common people have not parted company with...
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