Why My Brother Won

Robert and I used to commiserate with each other about this: how the violence allowed the media to paint us all as extremists, how frustrating it was to see the harm that the Pensacola killings did to the movement. I remember one day last August, a few weeks after the Hill...
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HOW TO GROW A HUMAN: ADVENTURES IN HOW WE ARE MADE AND WHO WE ARE Philip Ball (The University of Chicago Press, 330 pp., 2019, $25.00) Reviewed by Jason Morgan   According to Philip Ball, we live in a golden age of cellular biology. Ball ought to know. He is a prolific...
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Inbal Malca @iaminbaltal

After January 5th

The call of the church is to transcend the “myopias and smallnesses” of our present circumstances.
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Vaccinations, Life, and the Common Good

Most of us have a commonsensical grasp of the common good, which we can apply easily if we do not allow ourselves to be misled. Pro-life arguments can be strengthened by appeals to the common good. Pro-choice forces, however, often encourage us to misunderstand or neglect the...
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The Beast in the Living Room

I would be at a terrible loss if politics were the most important thing in my life. I’d be holding straw. Daffodils are immune to political spin. Dogs, too. Moby Dick defies political deconstruction. Love defies political deconstruction. And so does truth.
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technician working on cancer research

HOT TOPIC: How Aborted Children Are Used in Medical Research in 2020 (National Catholic Register)

www.ncregister.com/blog/how-aborted-children-are-used   You don’t need to go undercover and follow around employees from Planned Parenthood like David Daleiden at the Center for Medical Progress to find out how the remains of aborted children are used in research. All it...
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Dickens on Life, Death, and Christmas

A literary critic whose name I do not now recall observed that Charles Dickens’s greatness as an author lies in the fact that he could put death into a Christmas story . . . and get away with it. Who, after all, is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come but the Grim Reaper? Only the...
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Making Abortion “Great” Again

Stand up, raise your chin, clear your throat and your thoughts, and decide on the right time and place to make your point
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HOT TOPIC: A Bold Pro-Life Move for a Democrat (NR The Corner)

www.nationalreview.com/corner/a-bold-pro-life-move-for-a-democrat/ Last week, Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard introduced not one but two substantial pieces of pro-life legislation. One measure from the Democratic congresswoman is intended “to protect pain-capable unborn...
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